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Firefox Browser

Firefox 52.0 No longer supports the DivX plugin. To get it working again
Step 1: type about:config in your FireFox browser
It'll show you a warning message, click on "I accept the risk!" button.
Step 2: Now right-click anywhere in the preferences list and select "New -> Boolean" option.

Step 3: Type plugin.load_flash_only in the preference name box and click on OK button.

Step 4: Now select False in the boolean value box and click on OK button.

That's it. Restart Firefox and now all disabled NPAPI plugins should start working again without any problem.
NOTE: According to Mozilla, this built-in preference to bring back support for NPAPI plugins might be removed completely in future Firefox versions.
Source: LINK

Chrome Browser

For the Chrome Browser you can simply install the IE Tab Plugin LINK
Install IE Tab. Open DivX link and click on the IE tab in the upper right corner.

Thats it! Easy :)

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