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Great American Railroad Journeys (2016)

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Added By: Ne12 posted February 17, 2018 2:04 am

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    Season 03, Episode 19 LA to Laguna Beach
    Michael Portillo strikes oil in the suburbs of Los Angeles, contemplates his navel in the orange groves of Riverside, makes a California Roll and paints a pretty picture in Laguna Beach.It is Mexican Independence Day and the locals are celebrating the countrys hard-won independence from Spain in the early 19th century. There is dancing, singing and feasting in the streets and Michael is up for joining the party. He learns that one in two of the population of LA is Latino, mainly of Mexican descent, and hears after only a few decades, Mexico lost half its territory and California became part of the United States. Michael learns the secrets of backyard oil drilling in Los Angeles, home to the largest urban oil field in the United States. Nodding donkeys are everywhere in residential neighbourhoods, parking lots and burger joints.Michael sports a zesty orange jacket to visit the Citrus Variety Collection and learns the difference between a pummelo and a papeda. Alongside oil, the citrus fruit industry, he discovers, is one of the bedrocks of the states economy. At Laguna Beach, Michael learns how artists from the east coast travelled west on the Transcontinental Railroad to found a colony of plein air painters attracted by the beautiful coastline and glorious light to paint outside.

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Added By: Ne12 posted February 15, 2018 4:19 am

    Season 03, Episode 18 Los Angeles
    Armed with his Appletons guide to the United States, Michael Portillo arrives in Los Angeles to delight in the city of dreams, from its glorious Union Station to its golden beaches and palm-lined boulevards. Like many a Hollywood hopeful before him, Michael heads for the Warner Brothers studio, founded on Sunset Boulevard at the time of his Appletons, with dreams of stardom ahead. His role as a fearless all-action hero is assured. For the view from the top he takes the Skyslide from the 70th floor of one of LAs tallest buildings before striding out on the Walk of Fame.At the pioneering 19th-century Union Ice company, Michael discovers how Californians have kept their cool. He sees how ice blocks of titanic proportions are made and brings Christmas to LA with a giant snowmaker. Outside the city, Michael heads for San Marino to visit The Huntington, a cultural and research centre with fine libraries, art galleries and more than a dozen botanical gardens. In the cactus garden, Michael discovers more about the founder, nephew of a railroad baron and himself a pioneer of street cars and trolleys. Michael explores the citys latest initiative to break the legendary rush hour gridlock on Los Angeles freeways a rail link with seven new stations on the LA metro.


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Added By: Ne12 posted February 14, 2018 3:11 am

    Season 03, Episode 17 Monterey to Santa Barbara
    Steered by his late-19th-century Appletons guidebook, Michael Portillo continues his railroad travels through southern California aboard the Coast Starlight service. In the historic port of Monterey, Michael raises the Bear Flag of the one-time Republic of California and above it, the Stars and Stripes. He discovers the citys Spanish and Mexican heritage and traces how the former fishing port described as stinking and decrepit in John Steinbecks novel Cannery Row has become a beacon for tourists. And how, in place of fish-processing canneries, there now stands a gleaming, state-of-the art aquarium, where Michael is invited to feed the fish.Michaels next stop is Paso de Robles, where he tours the magnificent Hearst Castle, dream home of the newspaper baron William Randolph Hearst, to hear the tale of its creation. Onward to San Luis Obispo and the hills of Morro Bay and Michael joins avocado farmer Jim Shanley, amid his 4,000 avocado trees to harvest the pears and then learn how to make guacamole. Michaels last stop on this leg is outside Santa Barbara at Rancho Camulos, a former cattle ranch owned by a prominent Hispanic family and the setting for a best-selling romantic novel of the 19th century.

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    Season 03, Episode 14 San Francisco
    Michael Portillo resumes his exhilarating tour of San Francisco to find that diversity has been at the heart of the city since the days of the gold rush, though not always harmoniously so. Following his Appletons guide, Michael heads to Chinatown to hear of the huge contribution Chinese immigrants made to the economy, working as miners and building the transcontinental railroad. He discovers an entrepreneurial community who overcame discrimination laid down by the law, and finds that fortune favours the brave with iconic Chinese treats created in America!

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Added By: Ne12 posted February 3, 2018 10:36 am

    Season 03, Episode 10 Toronto
    Michael Portillos railway journey across eastern Canada concludes in the nations largest metropolis, Toronto. He begins his Toronto tour at Union Station. Now busier than the citys international airport, Michael is shown the ambitious engineering works underground to support the growing number of commuters. From the dig down, he boldly goes to the dizzying heights at the CN Tower for an extreme outdoor experience at the top of the structure. Nerves are calmed at the Royal York Hotel, one of a network of luxury hotels built by the railway known as the castles of the north. Catching the street car, Michael finds out how Toronto made itself a magnet for money after it set up its own stock exchange, but not before he presses the button to open the days trading. Ending his time in the citys High Park, he seeks out the origins of a celebrated Canadian song that helped to shape the maple leaf as the countrys national symbol. 4

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