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Making a Model with Yolanda Hadid (2018)

Posted In Reality TV
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Added By: Ne12 posted February 12, 2018 8:45 pm

    Season 01, Episode 05 Walk the Walk
    The guys from the Broadway show Kinky Boots provide a master class on how to walk; model Alek Wek gives the models one last confidence boost before they walk the runway for Dutch designer Georgine Ratelband.

    Season 01, Episode 06 And Action!
    The models must shoot a 15 second commercial for Makeup icon Charlotte Tilburys new lipstick line, as Yolanda tries to stress to the girls the importance of being more than just a pretty face. Makenzies insecurities threaten to ruin her chances, and Lilyan is confident her acting background will push her to the top after weeks of being in the bottom. Yolanda has come to Jesus moment with the model moms about their cattiness towards Karen and Mikayla.

    Season 01, Episode 07 Model TKO
    Its the last week before the finale and Yolanda brings the girls to Gigi and Bellas favorite boxing gym to bring the fighting spirit out of the girls ahead of their biggest challenge yet. A photoshoot for Americas biggest brands Tommy Hilfiger, for the new Gigi x Tommy collection. The girls are directed on set by Gigi, and must pull out all the stops as IMG keeps a watchful eye over the girls. Tommy Hilfiger and Gigi help Yolanda decide who will win the campaign as the new Tommy Girl.

    Season 01, Episode 08 Lessons of All Lessons!
    Its the final week before Yolanda must decide who she will choose to be represented by her and IMG. This week there are no more lessons! Instead the girls are tested on how well they survive a Typical day of a real life model. The girls are cast out into the streets of NYC as they head to Go Sees with 17 magazine and Showroom 7. Then a casting with celeb designer Nicole Miller, before seeing how well they fair at a fashion networking event. The stakes are high as the girls compete for their final chance to win a management contract with Yolanda and the opportunity to be represented by IMG Models.


Find Torrent Streams For Making.a.Model.with.Yolanda.Hadid.S01E05

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