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Stacey Dooley: Face to face with ISIS (2018)

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Added By: shipwreckglue posted February 7, 2018 4:14 am

    First shown: 7 Feb 2018

    One year on from her first visit, Stacey Dooley returns to Iraq to seek justice for the young women whose lives have been changed forever by Isis. In a journey like never before, Stacey joins Shireen, a 23 year-old Yazidi woman who was held as a sex slave for over two years by Isis.

    Shireen managed to escape while enslaved in Mosul, but many Yazidi woman like her havent, and remain in captivity. Shireen is going in search of justice - and she's taking Stacey with her.

    Shireen travels with Stacey back to Mosul, the self-declared capital of Isis in Iraq, to revisit the places where she was held captive. In East Mosul, they find the house where Shireen was imprisoned and sexually abused by a leading Isis executioner for months. But its the Old City of Mosul, where Shireen finally managed to escape Isis, that means the most to her.

    With a military escort, the pair travel into the heart of the Old City - where Isis made their last stand in a devastating and brutal battle. Here, Isis militants are still being hunted and bombs litter the street.

    Keen to see justice is being served, Shireen and Stacey sit in on an interrogation of an Isis suspect in court. But with the Iraqi justice system overwhelmed by the number of cases, justice isnt as clear cut as Shireen might have hoped. Armed with their unanswered questions, Shireen and Stacey finally have the chance to get answers when they come face to face with an Isis commander in jail. He tells them he has murdered hundreds of men and raped countless Yazidi women and girls. His frank answers will stay with Shireen and Stacey forever.

    In a trip fraught with danger and trauma, Stacey asks: can justice ever really be served for women like Shireen?

    Stacey Dooley Face to face with ISIS 2018 WEB-DL HD720p DAILYFLIX.mp4

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