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Miranda Barbour Serial Killer Or Liar? (2018)

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    First shown: 18 Apr 2018

    A dead man is found on waste ground in Pennsylvania 2013. He had been stabbed twenty-two times. The 42-year-old municipal worker, Troy LaFerarra, had answered an Internet ad from 18-year old Miranda Barbour and they had arranged to meet.

    Three weeks later Miranda confesses shed killed him in self-defense. But local Sunbury police officer, Travis Bremigen, suspects the young wife has something to hide. He brings Mirandas husband, Elytte Barbour, in for questioning. The 22-year-old admits he and his new wife just wanted to murder a stranger, We had no reason other than that.

    Headlines brand them "The Craigslist Thrill Killlers". While awaiting trial, Miranda makes an astonishing confession to a local reporter that Troy was not her first victim. She tells Francis Scarcella shed killed more than 22 others as part of a Satanic murder cult that began in Alaska. The resulting headlines about a Satanic teen serial killer rocked the world.

    Elytte Barbour also reveals to officer Bremigen that the newly weds would cut each other, having sexual intercourse in their own blood. Elytte firmly believes that his wife is "demon possessed".

    In Alaska, where Miranda was brought up, local journalist Jill Burke believes there must be more to this story than than the lurid headlines. Digging deep into Miranda's past, Jill uncovers dark secrets about her upbringing and her complex history. Do these hold the key to explaining Miranda's apparent "thrill kill" and her claims to have murdered many more people?

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